‘Just for You’ series- personalized and engraved duck calls

The ‘Just for You’ duck calls –unique and personalized gifts for duck hunters.    
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  • Ambrosia Maple whistle
    Ambrosia Maple whistle
  • NC Swamp Buster series
    NC Swamp Buster series
    Zebrawood bodies
  • gifts for groomsmen
    gifts for groomsmen
    Yellowheart duck calls
  • 'my dandelion'
    'my dandelion'
  • personalized Yellowheart
    personalized Yellowheart
  • Eastern Red Cedar w/ brushed aluminum band
    Eastern Red Cedar w/ brushed aluminum band
  • Yellowheart and Purpleheart
    Yellowheart and Purpleheart
  • Yellowheart and Purpleheart -segmented exhaust end
    Yellowheart and Purpleheart -segmented exhaust end


The ‘Just for You’- personalized duck calls and gifts for duck hunters can be unique and as crafty as your imagination.  Although I offer both hand engraving as well as laser engraving, the custom hand engraved duck calls are what I do more of.  Its a function of feasibility and economics when rendering one call.  Plus, customers really like the handcrafted aesthetic.  Laser engraving is usually confined to an allotment of duck or turkey calls such as groomsmen duck calls or the like.

Logos, emblems, business logos, fire and rescue related logos, slogans, strings of texts or comical characters can be considered for the customization. I offer services to help celebrate your newborn as well with personalized birthdates and names.  Roman numeral dates are offered at request.

All of the creations are sure to bring a smile to the face of any duck hunter or waterfowl enthusiast.  Then there are the large non-functioning duck calls for office, man cave or home decor which are certain to warm any room and add the nostalgia of being amongst whistling wings.  


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