The ‘Just for You’ duck calls – custom, personalized and/or engraved duck calls.  Each call comes with a ‘Just for You’ complimentary gift card (blank message area) and call bag.   Unique gifts for duck hunters.

ambrosia maple with beetle larvae tunnel revealed
Ambrosia Maple 6-in-1 whistle
ambrosia maple with beetle larvae tunnel revealed
Zebrawood duck calls for groomsmen gifts
Groomsmen gifts- Yellowheart duck calls

Personalization in the form of:

  • Chosen wood species configurations
  • Customized features
      • Embedded Logos
      • Inlays
      • Etchings
      • Carvings
    • Engraving

Logos of interest can be implemented into some pieces.  If you have a favorite logo, fire or rescue related logo, slogan or comical character that you would like embedded into a piece, email me. 

I also can help commemorate the birth of a child by hand engraving your dates, special phrase or short message on the duck call.

Engraving is offered in the form of hand engraving on most pieces and the majority of customers really appreciate the aesthetic of the hand engraved appeal.  I do offer laser engraving too.  However, the laser engraving is  typically confined to allotment orders, such as a batch of groomsmen duck calls or employee appreciation calls or the like.  This is simply a function of feasibility and economics.

Custom calls pricing

Groomsmen duck calls

‘Just for You’ personalized Turkey Calls