The ‘Just for You’ duck calls- personalized, custom engravings and other customizations.   Each call comes with a ‘Just for You’ complimentary gift card (blank message area) and call bag.   Unique gifts for duck hunters.

  • Ambrosia Maple whistle
    Ambrosia Maple whistle
  • NC Swamp Buster series
    NC Swamp Buster series
    Zebrawood bodies
  • gifts for groomsmen
    gifts for groomsmen
    Yellowheart duck calls
  • 'my dandelion'
    'my dandelion'
  • personalized Yellowheart
    personalized Yellowheart
  • Eastern Red Cedar w/ brushed aluminum band
    Eastern Red Cedar w/ brushed aluminum band
  • Yellowheart and Purpleheart
    Yellowheart and Purpleheart
  • Yellowheart and Purpleheart -segmented exhaust end
    Yellowheart and Purpleheart -segmented exhaust end

Personalization in the form of:

  • Chosen wood species configurations
  • Customized features
      • Embedded Logos
      • Inlays
      • Etchings
      • Carvings
    • Engraving

Logos of interest can be implemented into some pieces.  If you have a favorite logo, fire or rescue related logo, slogan or comical character that you would like embedded into a piece, email me.  Not only do I offer such services but also create keepsakes commemorating the birth of a child.

Engraving is offered in the form of hand engraving on most pieces and the majority of customers really appreciate the aesthetic of the hand engraved appeal.  I do offer laser engraving too.  However, the laser engraving is  typically confined to allotment orders, such as a batch of groomsmen duck calls or employee appreciation calls or the like.  This is simply a function of feasibility and economics.

Custom calls pricing

Groomsmen duck calls

‘Just for You’ personalized Turkey Calls