Custom turkey pot calls – custom, personalized and/or engraved turkey calls.  Each call comes with a complimentary gift card and call bag.  Unique gifts for turkey hunters.  

I am with you always
I am with you always

Turkey pot calls are offered in a few different styles:

Glass turkey pot calls with photos-

Can be personalized with photos, logos, memorabilia, etc; 

  • Bearing personal effects for Father’s Day gifts
  • Commemorating the birth of a child
  • Turkey calls for groomsmen
  • Gifts for your husband
  • Turkey hunter graduation gifts

Glass Turkey Pot calls are offered in a few configurations:

  • Glass over glass soundboard
    • can be personalized with photos
  • Glass over wooden soundboard
    • cannot be effectively personalized with photos but the wood soundboard can be etched or engraved
  • Glass over slate soundboard

The glass turkey pot calls with photos are typically purchased as keepsakes.  The inks used for the photographs have been tested in my shop and found to withstand water immersion testing.  However, due to the nature of inks there’s always a chance damage could potentially result, should the call be hunted with extensively in the elements.  Therefore, based on limitations in my own testing measures and means, I cannot explicitly say how long or to what extent the pictures would withstand exposure to years afield. 

These type calls are really made to serve as a keepsake, home decor, etc;  A stable environment such as a home or office would be more fitting for this class of call.  All of these calls could be used to hunt with.  However, as stated earlier, I would advise against using the ones with pictures afield.  That said, all other configurations will be perfectly fine in hunting environments.  Calls which don’t possess pictures but contain other types of customization are typically safe to hunt with extensively without sustaining damage.  When not in use, store all calls at room temperature in the dry comfort of your office or home and they will last a century.

If you would like a short saying, message or other string of text to be hand-engraved on the bottom of the turkey pot call or located along the striker, just let me know.

Have a custom call made – Contact Chris

Etched Slate Calls

The slate can be etched with a slogan, logos, comical cartoon characters, wildlife etchings, fire and police department related logos, names, dates, messages to loved ones, your favorite scripture or even with a picture.  You would need to simply provide me with the file of choice to determine whether or not we can use it.

The etched slate calls are offered in a few configurations:

  • Etched slate over glass soundboard
  • Etched slate over wooden soundboard
  • Etched slate over slate soundboard

Glass turkey pot call with etched slate soundboard

The -Glass over Slate- calls with etched slate.

Custom engraved turkey calls

I offer hand engraving on most pieces and it has been my experience that customers are pleased with the aesthetic of the hand engraving.  I also offer laser engraving.  There are additional fees for the laser engraving based on complexity of engrave.   If you’d like a special saying or string of text added to the bottom of a turkey call, feel free to inquire.


In remembrance of – your loved one

Have a custom turkey call made in memory of that special person in your life.

I’d like to work with you, to bless you,  by making a unique gift to honor your loved one or if you’re buying as a gift for a friend.  Either way, it is with great respect and sacredness that I make these calls.

I try to make your experience as seamless as possible.  You send me the picture which you would like used, I’ll render it accordingly and allow you to preview before moving forward.  The next time you hear from me, your call will be ready for ship out.   By default I add the message, ‘I am with you always’ to the call.  IF you would like a different phrase or message, please feel free to inquire. 

Have a custom call made – contact Chris

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Have a custom call made – Contact Chris


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