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Unique, one of kind, handcrafted duck and turkey calls  

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A note from the Maker

My mission during the process of making custom game calls is to bring the buyer as much joy in using the call as I had in making it.


"Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain whom build it.."
    Psalm 127:1


Did you know...

    Elam Fisher of the Detroit, Michigan area received the first patent for his duck call in 1870; known as the
" Tongue Pincher ".
-  -  -  -
Fred Allen of Monmouth, Illinois is the first to make a modern type call in 1863.  These were the first barreled calls of their kind and were known as the
" Early Illinois Style " call
-  -  -  -
The difference between a Louisiana style and Arkansas style duck call ?  The Louisiana style has a removable toneboard whereas the Arkansas style is an all one piece insert without a removable toneboard. 



Made in the USA

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      Custom Duck Calls


Past call styles

Double Reed Duck Calls - Louisiana and Arkansas styles  
Single Reed Duck Calls - Louisiana and Arkansas styles                

Wood Duck Calls - 'Woodie' Calls
6 in 1 duck whistles

Double reed Louisiana style duck calls
                 (duckier mellow quacks, timber type calls)

Double reed, Louisiana style

Model:  PD12

Padauk w/ Osage Orange insert
Double reed, Louisiana style duck call
Model: PD9


Maple with integrated Black Ebony band
Osage Orange insert
Double reed, Louisiana style duck call
Model: MBE1

Maple with Spalted Maple insert
Double reed, Louisiana style duck call
Model:  M10




Single reed Arkansas style duck calls
                    (raspy, higher pitch open water and field type calls)


Walnut with Sassafras eyesspan>
Maple tipped mouthpiece. Bocote insert.
Single reed, Arkansas style duck call
Model: MW5


Cocobolo with Lignum Vitae insert
Single reed, Arkansas style
Model: CCLV1

Quina custom duck call with single reed, Arkansas style insert crafted out of Bloodwood.


Quina with Osage Orange band
Bloodwood, One piece Arkansas style
single reed duck call
Model: QOS1

Paduak with Bocote insert
Single reed, Arkansas style
Model:  PD13


Padauk with Cocobolo insert
Single reed, Arkansas style
Model: PD10

Segmented Yellowheart and Purpleheart duck call
Single reed, Arkansas style
Model: SEG10
$95.00 -click pic to enlarge

Maple striped Walnut duck call
Single reed, Arkansas style
Model:  MW8

Paduak with Bocote insert
Single reed, Arkansas style
Model: PD11


North Carolina made Woodie duck calls
(calls for Wood Ducks Aix sponsa)

Maple striped Walnut Woodie wood duck call  "Woodie Call" Custom made NC woodie call with Bocote and Cedar

Maple striped Walnut
'Woodie' call
Model:  MW7


Bocote with Cedar insert
'Woodie' Call
Model:  BO1


6 in 1 Duck Whistles
Drake Mallard, Widgeon, Wood duck (Woodie),
Pintail, Teal, Bobwhite Quail
-North Carolina made Duck Whistles-

click on pics to view larger
Custom made 6-in-1 wooden duck whistles, woodie..teal...drake mallard Custom made 6-in-1 wooden duck whistles, woodie..teal...drake mallard
sold  sold.  new duck whistles to come

Styles of the Ambrosia Maple Whistles
Spalted Maple 6-in-1 duck whistle for Woodies, Teal, Wood ducks, Pintail, Widgeon
see larger
Spalted Maple 6-in-1 duck whistle

Calls ordered are shipped in packaging as in above photo.

Ask about custom gift boxes
Custom made 6-in-1 duck whistle in gift box.  Made in NC

Some of the Various Styles Made
7 custom duck calls crafted by Quacky Calls, on display on a texas mesquite wood call display stand
An allotment of Custom Yellowheart duck calls crafted by Chris of Quacky Calls,  customized laser engraving and unique, one of kind customized inserts.  Still serving duck hunters abroad one call at a time.  Calls made in USA.
Customized and personalized laser engraved Yellowheart duck calls.
Maple and Cedar duck call, custom made Lousiana Maple burl custom double reed duck call- The commander
Custom Maple duck call with Black Ebony band and Osage Orange insert crafted by Chris Harrell of Quacky Calls

Other styles of calls

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NC Swamp Buster duck calls

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    I am excited to announce that this is my ninth year of offering handcrafted, custom duck and turkey  calls to hunters and sportsmen abroad.   It is a neat feeling knowing that many of my calls are in various states across America. 
    Custom duck and turkey calls handcrafted by callmaker Chris Harrell reside in:  
 North Carolina / South Carolina / Washington / Florida / Utah /  Michigan / Texas / Oklahoma / Arizona / Nebraska /  Delaware / Louisiana / Arkansas / Canada / Maryland Minnesota /Iowa / Alabama / Saskatchewan / Tennessee / Mississippi

About Chris Contact Chris

Made in USA

   Quacky Calls will not be responsible for any accident or injury caused by the use of their calls or products.  We strongly recommend whether you are a new hunter or simply an outdoor enthusiast, that you familiarize yourself with, and understand the manners in which to utilize this piece of hunting equipment. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to ensure that small children don't play with these game calls, for they contain small parts which may present a choking hazard.

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