Double reed, Louisiana style duck call- Honduras Mahogany


Honduras Mahogany duck call with Maple striping.
Osage Orange insert.
double reed
Model: HM1


Maple striped, Honduras Mahogany duck call with an Osage Orange (Bois de’ arc) insert.  This double reed, Louisiana style duck call fits in the hand perfect.  With its slightly shorter stature, cashing in at 3.973″ in total length, makes it the perfect call for use when wading and hunting in backwood’s waters.

This call has a very unique feel ‘in hand’ and great balance with its compact insert.  Will wear on the lanyard really well.

The call has been finished with a proprietary underlying finish and topped with two coats of an exterior polyurethane.

It is the nature of Osage Orange wood to darken ever so slightly over time, giving way to the undertones of a slightly orangish hue.  It’s one of the beauties of this type of wood.  No worries- the slight color shift is miniscule and will always possess that yellowish-orange hue.  Only darkens so much.  It’s just outstanding wood.  

Model: HM1