Maple duck call with heartwood Cocobolo band-Double reed duck call


DSC_0574 Maple duck call -integrated heartwood Cocobolo band
Osage Orange insert. 
Double reed, Louisiana style duck call. 

Model #MBE1


DSC_0574 Maple duck call with integrated heartwood Cocobolo band and an Osage Orange insert. Double reed, Louisiana style duck call measuring in at 4-1/8″.  Good balanced meat call.

The Maple barrel possesses a few eyes about the call and which the photo doesn’t portray, as well as a unique grain orientation. 

Regarding the insert- it is the nature of Osage Orange wood to darken ever so slightly over time, giving way to the undertones of a slightly orangish hue.  It’s one of the beauties of this type of wood.  No worries however, although subtle, the slight color shift is miniscule and will always possess that yellowish-orange hue.  Only darkens so much.  It’s just outstanding wood.
Model #MBE1