NC Swamp Buster Duck call- single reed meat call


DSC_0320NC Swamp Buster Duck call
Zebrawood duck call with Cocobolo insert
Single reed, Louisiana style
Model: SB 2


DSC_0320The NC Swamp Buster calls are a line of calls which possess a heftier body than most of my call designs.   This slight mass addition creates a more subtle call (quack) as the call body itself absorbs some of the acoustical wave. 

Thus, the North Carolina Swamp Buster duck calls are geared towards hunters which hunt backwood’s waters, swamps, rivers and other tight quarter hunting environments where acoustical reverb is a concern.  These are all around meat calls with an adjustable toneboard and of course these babies are not anchored down to NC.  Hanging on lanyards in the Central, Mississippi, Pacific and Atlantic Flyway.

Zebrawood with Cocobolo insert.  Finished with a proprietary wood finish.  Measuring at a touch over 4.25″

Single reed meat call with an adjustable toneboard.

Model: SB 2