Single reed, Arkansas style duck call- Cherry striped Walnut


Cherry Walnut single reed Bocote (1)Cherry striped Walnut duck call.
Osage orange insert – single reed
Model: W2


Cherry Walnut single reed Bocote (1)Handcrafted duck call. Cherry striped Walnut with Osage Orange insert.  Single reed Arkansas style with Bocote toneboard. 

It is the nature of Osage Orange wood to darken ever so slightly over time, giving way to the undertones of a slightly orangish hue, whereby it derived a portion of it’s name the – – – – – ‘orange’.  It’s one of the beauties of this type of wood.  No worries however, although subtle, the slight color shift is miniscule and will always possess that yellowish-orange hue.  Only darkens so much.  It’s just outstanding wood.  

Fixed o-ring on insert to ensure a snug fit and secure retention. 

This call has a natural sublime feel in hand.  Balanced extremely well.  Measuring 4-1/8″

Model: W2