Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We as a people really are intricately connected to the land, our ecosystems, wildscapes and natural resources; no matter how far a nation, society, a culture, or the individual attempts to compartmentalize and segregate the natural world from our life, culture, society, or nation.  The facts are, they cannot be compartmentalized without peril to our own species.   We cannot separate those facets of creation into some corner while we mow over every existence of them in our living spaces and hubrisly live as if we are alone in the show.  The connection is complex and it runs deep.  We are all indebted to conserve, preserve and protect the precious resources and live as if our lives depend upon them.  Because they do.   Our very life depends upon our responses and working towards resolve and protection is the least we can do.  As landowners, outdoorsmen, sportsmen, waterfowl and wildlife enthusiasts we should hear the call all the louder.   

It is with this underlying theme that I approach my callmaking.  I am making every attempt to use woods which are conscientiously and ethically harvested from sources which are not endangered or threatened.  I often use local sourced woods whenever possible and am continually attempting to learn more about ethically harvested woods in those regions of the globe where forestry resources have been severely mismanaged for years.  I am forever learning in this regards, trying to use sources and species which are not threatened. 

That is just part of approach to resources acquisition.  “Yes, I use small pieces of wood”, but if I am not part of the solution then I am part of the problem.  

Let us not be hubris in our relationship with the natural resources entrusted to us. Rather, may we forever cherish and give proper honor to our earth and the many majestic creatures that grace our landscapes. May we be humbled by and respect the great community.