In Remembrance Of – Your Loved One

I’d like to work with you, to bless you,  by making a unique gift to honor your loved one or if you’re buying as a gift for a friend.  Either way, it is with great respect and sacredness that I make these calls.

I try to make your experience as seamless as possible.  You send me the picture you would like used, I’ll render it accordingly and allow you to preview before moving forward.  The next time you hear from me, your call will be ready for ship out.   By default I add the message, ‘I am with you always’ to the call.  IF you would like a different phrase or message, please feel free to inquire

Have a custom call made in remembrance of your loved one.  I’ll do everything in my power to make you a special call, full of meaning and crafted in love.  May peace abound.  Contact Chris

These glass turkey pot calls with photos although typically purchased as keepsakes have been tested to a degree within my shop for field usage and found worthy.  The components used for these calls have been tested and found to withstand water immersion testing.  However, due to the nature of these components, there’s always a chance damage could potentially result, should the call be hunted with extensively in the elements.  Therefore, based on limitations in my own testing measures and means, I cannot explicitly say how long or to what extent the pictures would withstand exposure to years afield. 

When not in use, store all calls at room temperature in the dry comfort of your office or home and they will last a century.