In Remembrance Of -custom turkey call

In Remembrance of your Loved One — custom turkey call in memory of, to honor that special person in your life.   I’d like to work with you, to bless you,  by making a unique gift to honor your loved one or if you’re buying as a gift for a friend.  Either way, it is with great respect and sacredness that I make these calls.

I try to make your experience as seamless as possible.  You send me the picture which you would like used, I’ll render it accordingly and allow you to preview before moving forward.  The next time you hear from me, your call will be ready for ship out.   By default I add the message, ‘I am with you always’ to the call.  If you would like a different phrase or message, please feel free to inquire.

Please contact Chris.
Custom turkey calls – glass over glass – in remembrance of your loved one.

These -turkey calls made in remembrance of- are part of the Divine Calls subsidiary of  Making the world a more beautiful place to live by bringing elements of healing to our land, bodies and landscapes is a deep push for me.  It’s important to share with the world, the little good and hope that I have to offer.   So it is with these calls made in remembrance of your loved one, working within the scope of my talent, I press to bring you an element of peace.  Peace which can be sensed and felt as you hold the call.  I pour my heart into these calls and wash them with my heart and prayers; prayers that the recipient of the call will be washed over with great grace and peace.  Prayers that hearts will heal, mend and grow and that the Father’s peace will continue to rest in your hearts.

~chris harrell   -contact chris

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