Commemorate the birth of your child – – turkey call

Commemorate and honor your little one by having a custom turkey call made with your baby’s picture implemented into the call.  I’ll work with you to produce a call which will not only honor him/her, preserve a moment and make you smile but would also be providing you with a functional, special turkey call which you may take on your hunting ventures.

commemorate birth of child turkey call

These turkey calls are configured in a glass over glass arrangement with the picture protected inside the call.  A portion of the glass playing surface will be etched to make it a functional, working call which may be used for turkey hunting. 

A special date, a brief statement or concise phrase of approximately four to five words may be added to the picture or the rear of the call depending upon the wood species.   To view similar past work, please view some of the photos found here.  

Each call comes with a striker of matching theme, a call gift bag and blank gift card to be used for your purpose. 

To start building your call contact Chris