Personalized turkey calls

Custom turkey pot calls are unique gifts for turkey hunters– personalized and custom.
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I am with you always
I am with you always

The turkey pot calls are offered in a few different styles:

Etched Slate Calls

The etched slate can be personalized with a vast array of etchings – ranging from slogans, logos, comical cartoon characters, wildlife etchings, fire and police department related logos, messages to loved ones, your favorite scripture or even with a picture.  You simply provide me with the file of choice to determine whether or not we can use it.

These calls are ‘hunt ready’ although many just choose to cherish as a  keepsake and use them to warm a room or to create that nostalgia in a hunter’s room of retire.  However, hunting with them is just fine and will not damage the call.

The etched slate calls are offered in a few configurations:

  • Etched slate over glass soundboard
  • Etched slate over wooden soundboard
  • Etched slate over slate soundboard

Glass turkey pot calls with photos

The turkey pot calls which are personalized with photos underneath the glass playing surface are typically purchased as keepsakes.  Although they could be used to hunt with because of  quality of paper and inks, its not advisable.

I have executed some tests in the past testing the quality of the photo’s adhesive, papers and inks when exposed to running water and was pleasantly surprised as the water never seemed to damage the inks or papers.  However, I cannot definitely say, that I would advise using them on a consistent basis afield.

These type calls are really made to serve as a keepsake, home decor, etc;  A stable environment such as a home or office would be more fitting for this class of call.

The Glass Turkey Pot calls are offered in a few configurations:

  • Glass over glass soundboard
    • can be personalized with photos
  • Glass over wooden soundboard
    • cannot be effectively personalized with photos but the wood soundboard can be etched or engraved
  • Glass over slate soundboard
    • cannot be effectively personalized with photos but slate can be etched

All of these calls could be used to hunt with.  However, as I stated earlier, I would advise against using the ones with pictures afield.  That said, all other configurations will be perfectly fine in hunting environments.

The elements aren’t going to damage any of the calls with etchings or engravings found below the glass playing surface.


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