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As a North Carolina turkey callmaker, I’ve been offering turkey pot calls since 2005 in a vast array of configurations. I offer wooden calls primarily, customizing and producing the Just for You’ series and ‘Divine Calls’. All of which are excellent gifts for boyfriends, gifts for turkey hunters or the other special people in your life. A special photo of yours can be added making for a unique gift. Learn more about Divine Calls- turkey calls.

The Just for You series are turkey calls or duck calls, both of which are hunt ready, contain personable elements upon or in the call respectively making them unique gifts or keepsakes. Personal touches ranging from pictures, slogans, logos, comical cartoon characters, wildlife etchings, fire and police department related logos, messages to loved ones, your favorite scripture or other facet are added to or embellished upon the call. You simply provide me with the file of choice to determine whether or not we can use it. Each ‘Just for You’ call comes with a complimentary gift bag and small, blank gift card for you to fill out as you desire. For a list of options and more information about the Just for You series.

The Divine Calls series are calls which are made to the same standards as all my other calls but with an added dimension…having an element of christian faith covering and anointing. For a larger write-up and to learn more about the Divine Calls -custom turkey and duck calls, please read here.
Divine calls – creating divine moments

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