Call styles offered

Call styles offered

Offering duck calls, turkey pot calls and turkey trumpet calls.

Duck calls

  • Single and double reed duck calls
    • Louisiana style duck calls- possess removable toneboards
    • Arkansas style duck calls- consist of a one piece insert
  • ‘Woodie’ (Wood Duck) calls – wooden ‘Woodie’ calls
  • 6-in-1 duck whistles -Mallard Drake, Woodies, Teal, Widgeon, Pintails, Quail

Turkey pot calls and strikers

  • Pot call configurations- the turkey pot calls come in a variety of configurations, ranging from -glass over etched slate- to -glass over glass with a picture implemented- and all the other varieties seen in the industry.

Turkey trumpet calls – custom handcrafted trumpet calls

Custom orders

  • Personalized and customized duck calls
    Personalized and customized turkey calls
    Other gifts for turkey and duck hunters

Vintage duck calls

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