Its What We Do

   One of kind, artisanal, handcrafted duck and turkey calls 

I specialize in creating one of a kind, artisanal, handcrafted duck calls and turkey calls which are every bit as functional as they are potentially collectible.  Although most of the calls are built for hunting, there are a class of custom calls which are distinct and serve more as a keepsake or gift.  These are located in the ‘Just for You’ category. 

Although every call is indeed unique, I do from time to time, produce repeats of earlier call designs.  If you are browsing through the Past Calls gallery and notice a past call which you would be interested in, please Contact Chris.     

Our handcrafted custom duck calls and turkey calls are made near Greenville, NC.  Home of Quacky Calls – QC ~calls of nature~ nature calls us-we call it.   We have been producing both duck and turkey calls since 2005.  We are continually making calls for Mallards, Wood ducks (Woodies), Teals, Bluebills as well as calls for Pintails and Widgeons.  Calls that are just perfect for hunting coastal sounds and marshes, rivers, swamps and lakes.  Single reed duck calls, double reed duck calls in either Louisiana or Arkansas style, turkey pot calls and personalized turkey pot calls or personalized duck calls


Where do our calls reside?

I would love to announce that this is the 11th year that I have been making custom duck and turkey calls and offering them to sportsman and hunters all over North America and Canada. Through this experience I have met some wonderful people, some of which are my friends today. 

Although our shop is based in eastern NC near Greenville, many of our calls live in other parts of the US and Canada.  Its a neat feeling knowing that I have calls in North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Florida, Utah, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Nebraska, Delaware, Louisiana, Arkansas, Canada, Maryland, Minnesota, Iowa, Alabama, Saskatchewan, Tennessee, Mississippi, Indiana.